Dream team

I remember myself generating different combinations of cricket teams during my school days in Agadi with my companion Prashant. We used to ask each other what team combination we would like to see in Doordarshan (The official sports broadcaster of that time) and have written many combination on back pages of our note book. So here I am with my true fantasy team.

I bet no one can beat this team ever. :-)


Sachin Tendulkar  (India)- Who can ever dream of a team without this little genius from Mumbai. Such is the class of this man that on his day he can destroy the best of attacks in the world. Shot in stature, he has every shot in the book and thrives on pressure situations. Perfectionist, articulate, classy and above all a fighter. So who better than him to open the innings.


Adam Gilchrist (Australia) - When you have a world class keeper with the kind of batting Gilchrist is capable of, then you don’t have any other option but to take him in the team. If these two were to open then this means no respite for the bowlers. Gilchrist is one of the best players of the pull and hook shots and has some amazing dismissals to his credit. A true asset to the team.



Rahul Dravid (India) -Probably the best man to come on number three especially after the storm is over. Even an early fall of wicket would not matter as Dravid is capable of moving the scoreboard by rotating strike and is a match winner in every sense of the word. His lazy elegance makes him one of the most delightful batsmen to watch Also he is capable of taking some breathtaking catches in slips. So all in all a perfect choice.



Steve Waugh (Australia) -  The man made of steel. The kind of determination and grit one sees in his eyes talks highly of this man who has played some memorable innings to help Australia win. The perfect man to have in the time of crisis as he can pull out anymatch to his team's favour. He not only has amazing talent but also he is man to lead any team in the world as he can inspire many by his sheer attitude.




Jhonty Rhodes (South Africa) - What a fielder to have who can save at least 30 runs in an innings all on his own. Won't you want someone from the team to be always injured. His run out of Inzamam at the 1992 World Cup was the most amazing sight to watch. Can be in any team due to his amazing antics and super fast speed.



Andrew Flintoff (England) - Considered by many the best all rounder in the world he is a good man to have if there is a batting collapse as he is capable of playing big innings and also likes to hit the ball hard. He is a very talented bowler and can surprise many by the pace he generates.



Daneil Vettori (New Zealand) - At such a young age this extremely talented off spinner has created quite a few ripples and in the bargain has earned respect from the best crickters in the world. His away going delivery is something which still is a mystery to most of the batsmen and with so much time ahead can do wonders to himself and his team. Gentleman of Gentlemans game.



Shane Warne (Australia) - He is a magician.  If you don’t agree then ask Mike Gatting. He is a craftsmen and according to the Legendary Kapil Dev the only bowler capable of taking 500 plus wickets in tests. Some of his leg spinners have gone down in the history as masterpieces. Everytime he has been down and out he has come back even stronger. Remember his crucial spells in the World Cup Semi Finals and Finals. Also is a hard hitter and excellent slip fielder.



Wasim Akram (Pakistan) -  Undoubtedly the best left arm bowler of all time, Wasim Akram is capable of bowling six different balls in an over and each would be as lethal as the other one. The best in the world consider him as the most difficult bowler to face as he has pace, swing, accuracy and most importantly the brain. Also a capable batsmen and has a double century to his name

(Vice Captain)


Courtney Walsh (West indies)Don’t be disillusioned by this tall lanky fellow because if you get any closer to him all you will see in his eyes would be the hunger for wickets. A match winner in his own right he has destroyed the batting line of other teams all on his own. The delivery that he got Ian botham in the World Cup is considered to be one of the best ever bowled. A consistent performer he adds class to the attack as he has performed in every condition.


  Allan Donald (South Africa) - What a bowler after the first change. He has pace and is very lethal. His aggression and attitude combined with his talent are difficult for most of the batsmen. Imagine if you mange to get away with Walsh and Akram then you have Donald to deal with. Well not a very pretty sight for the batsmen.
    I am sure after going through this even you do feel like penning down your own dream team. If you generate one please make it a point to send it across, Thanks.
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