Birthday December 27th, 1965


Sun Sign






5ft 7inch




3, Galaxy Apartments
B.J. Road, Band Stand
Bandra, Mumbai - 400050


First Film


Biwi Ho To Aisi (1988)
Maine Pyar Kiya (1989 - as the main lead)

Salman and his jeans... 

+ Loves tight fitting 501 jeans 
+ Majorly hooked onto loose low waist jeans

Style of Clothing...
+ Very rarely wears formals 
+ Loves to wear casuals especially, black and blue, tight fitting jeans with shirts and T-shirts 
+ Shops in London and occasionally, in Singapore 
+ Mostly wears Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace

Plus Points... 
+ Can be irresistible when he wants to

+ Moody and unpredictable 
+ Can be very caring, very protective, very loving, and also childishly petulant

The Hot's & Not's through Salman's eyes... 
+ No accessories for him except his bracelet & a ring in his ear 
+ "Simplicity is the answer for being cool," says he 
+ Something that will never go 'out' for him are white shirts and blue jeans

The sexiest thing Salman Khan can wear... 
+ Loose low waist jeans with his jock bands showing 
+ Jeans with see through shirts 
+ His cycling shorts - he loves wearing them 
+ Generally wears JUST shorts when at home

My Favourite's... 
+ Designer Objects : Rolex Watches 
+ Possession : Body Building Equipment 
+ Fiction Character : Archie 
+ Movie Star : Sylvester Stallone 
+ Gadgets : Home Theatre, Camera 
+ Cars : Mercedes, BMW, Landcruiser 
+ Drinks : Iced Tea 
+ Restaurants : China Garden

What's Lucky For Salman? 
+ My bracelet - my dad wears the same thing and I got it made. It's got a turquoise stone.

My Best Friend... 
+ Sanjay Dutt

Give us 3 people who you consider your pillar of strength 
+ Three is too less


What's your future like?
+ If you ask me what I am going to do 5 minutes from now, I would be blank. You know I love this saying, it goes like this, 'If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. If you make him laugh a little more, tell him that you are going to make someone's life. If you want him absolutely bursting, tell him that you are going to destroy someone's life'. I am pretty much like that…


What is the best thing any fan has done for you?
+ Lots, you know it feels wonderful when you know there are so many people caring for you. That's the reason I try to keep out of trouble as much as I can. One day, a Malabar Hill kid came upto me and told me that his grandmother had kept a 3-day fast and offered prayers when I got myself into a mess recently.

I don't know if I deserve this kind of affection and love. But yes, the day someone tries to take this away from me is the day when I'll fight back, till then I'll lie and take it all.

What is success to you?
+ If you work hard, give it your best shot and have God's grace, then I am sure you are going to be a success. And it just helps if you have a million fans backing you, the way I have!