Bangalore Cricketers


Srinivas Joshi    

The man with over 100.00 strike rate, who could take the shine off any new ball. Joshi- The quintessential opener of our team. He Would flourish in when it come to posting a mammoth total batting first or chasing a colossal total while batting next. He is Brash, quick and balanced. His shot selection demonstrates precision.





With Joshi at the other end, you need someone to score runs as well. Harsha is the perfect manifestation of the ideal opener.Technically quiet updated. Tries to get into the mind of the bowler while batting. Drool... Joshi and Harsha as an opening pair...!!!!!


Dattanna could take the dent out of any attack... and imagine Joshi and Harsha grounding the opposition bowlers to dust... then, leaving Dattanna to smash the guts out of the hapless bowlers. The role of pinch hitter can't be served better by any other players in our team except him.


Aditya was a revelation... and bring out any drastic results on the cricket pitch, there by completely turning the match around. Knows exactly how tune himself to the situation especially under crisis. He exibits the capability of playing a steady innings and also going over the top if situation demands.

Vijay Dev Kumar    

When it comes to a comrade who can play a multiple roles such as aggressive batsman, smart bowler, ajile fielder and perfect team player,You don't have no option but Viji. His energy levels are quiet palpable on the field. Perfect finisher of the game with ball as well as with bat.

Sandeep G.S     If i was asked to select the best all rounder of all time, i would definitely opt for Flintoff but in the context of this exercise, my vote goes for Sandeep... a terrific striker of the ball... and in the unlikely situation that a team of big stature can find itself in the ditch at hatrick in the very first three balls of the innings and add to that, he is such an acrobatic keeper...
Sumant     Sumant- the man who brought the art of spinning out of the deep dark canyons that it was dug into, and out into the open... and taking major wickets in the process. If this man does not make it into the best XI, i don't know who will. Consider, he had to take wickets when his bowling mates were Sachin, Muttu and Anand. I rest my case.

Anand is the fastest bowler in the team. His guile and variation will complement the sheer pace of Marshall. Plus, you have number 8'batsman who can score 60+ not outs..


SACHIN is the man who can ostensibly make the ball "pace on the sand"... his variations ... some sort of Akramian incarnation on the ground... A true genius... and to just picture him bowling alongside ishant sharma or sreesanth... wow!!


Mrutyunjay is a street smart cricketer. Knows how to utilise his capabilities and channelise them in right direction.Undoubtedly only All-Rounder in the team who delivered everytime with the bat and bowl. His mere presence dilutes any serious situation into a humorous one.



& Abhishek


When you want a 11th player, why not go for the most reliable? They are the men who helped the team to come out with flying colours under very high pressure. They pocess nerves of steel. I would prefer to have both at the cost of any of the other 10 players as they bowl, bat, field and most importantly co-operate with other team members without raising their demands ever.

you both rock...