In 1912 an Indian team of cricketers had visited England and had played well later in 1926 two representative of Calcutta Cricket Club also visited to attend meetings Imperial Cricket Conference.It was the outcome of the meetings to send a Team to examine Indian players.The players seemed to be impressive and with few meetings with the Maharaja of Patiala who had funded the 1912 trip, it was decided to bring all the sponserers of cricket across India together and form a body of representation of authority and control for the sport in the nation.
Delegates from all over the country were invited on 21st December to discuss about the formation of a council for the sport.Delegates from Sindh, Punjab, Patiala, Delhi, United Provinces, Rajputana, Alwar, Bhopal, Gwalior, Baroda, Kathiawar and Central India had attended the meeting.
On December 1927 it was finalised to create a council.
But it was in December 1928 that this committee actually came into exsistence
BCCI had avoided taxes on its income claiming that it is a charitable organization but the Income Tax Department withdrew this exemption in 2007-08, BCCI only paid tax amounting to INR419 million (US$6.8 million) against its tax liability of INR4.13 billion (US$67 million) in the 2009-10 financial year.
It often uses government-owned stadiums across the country at a nominal annual rent.
BCCI does not depend on the Government for its finances and it is not required for BCCI to make its balance sheets public.
Nike (kit sponserers for US$43 Million)
Air Sahara (for US$70 Million)
Zee Telefilms (for US$219.15 Million)
STAR India (official)
CURRENT -The BCCI has decided to stick to its stand of not allowing girlfriends of cricketers at Australia’s Hotels but did allow their wives to accompany as the players were away from the house for a long time and its festive season but the board will put its foot down on not allowing wives after two consecutive defeats. -BCCI also announced its new list of contracted players for 2014-15 in which M S Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, R Ashwin and Bhuvneshvar Kumar are included in A-List